When the DDC* team begins plotting, you know that something good is about to happen. That “something good” turned out to be an 18-hour lock-in held this past weekend. That would be 18 hours of fellowship, worship, food, service, and delving into the deeper issues of life.


(Who knew it could be so much fun?)


(Led by Tim & Co.)


(How can you go wrong with late-night pizza?)


(Blessing families in the community with food boxes)

Delving into the Deeper Issues of Life

(On Friday evening, Darrell shared about being created for the purposes of worship and fellowship. On Saturday morning, Danny Malakowsky (pictured below) of Apprenticeship to Jesus shared about becoming Christ-like through the disciplines of solitude, fasting, & reading Scripture.)

(Small group discussions–bringing it home & making it real)

*Darrell, David, & Caleb

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