2 + 2 = ?

Under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t think that a problem like 2 + 2 = ? would generate much discussion.  However, in a room full of teenagers, you never know.  Some argued the answer was 4, while others wanted to make it 5.  I suppose the arguers-for-5 liked the idea of a math problem not always having the same right answer.  It would certainly make test-taking much easier.
Continuing in the book of Daniel for the 3rd week, Darrell told the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego yesterday evening.  He challenged teens with SM&A’s determination to stand up for their beliefs, but then focused on the source of those beliefs, asking the probing question, “How do you decide what is right or wrong?” 
Then came much lively discussion (2 + 2 included!), with Darrell sharing about absolute truth vs. relative truth, obedience vs. compromise.  It was timely, much-needed truth for these teens to hear.
Josh McDowell has long been a champion for truth, especially in sharing it with the next generation.  This article in The Christian Post was published a year ago, but it’s definitely worth reading today. In it, Josh McDowell identifies the one thing that he believes is attacking teens’ belief in absolute truth more than anything else.  He also proposes three ways to deal with the problem:  model truth, build relationships, and use knowledge.

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