Blog: 2012 Bike Party

For this year’s “Bike Party” (what we have dubbed it — the children just know it as a Christmas party), we were privileged to be able to invite a few extra children than usual.  Hurdle number one was getting our group of 14 children checked in and wrist-banded, and then it was off to loads of party fun after everyone was paired with an adult.

A pile of snow to play in, lots of free food, inflatables, costumed characters, a real Black Hawk helicopter, and petting zoo entertained the kids for over an hour.  Then, each child was given a bicycle after a short program.  Kids also received a new Bible, a frozen turkey, and several bags of food for their families.  Going home, we had one van for people, one for cargo, and a pick-up truck besides! 

A proud boy going home with his new bicycle and food for his family!

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