2016 Bike Party

Aim Right has been blessed to be able to invite children to Jimmy Walker’s Bicycles for Kids Christmas party for several years. Normally, Aim Right is given the opportunity to invite 5 boys and 5 girls.  Well…this year, the party coordinator kept calling us with news about more openings for children. Our final tally? 19 children!  Most of them are pictured below.  It was awesome to have four interns, some teen leaders, Enric and Tory, Caleb and Stephanie, and Caleb’s mom there so we could divide the children into groups of two or three and spread out to enjoy the festivities.



“Giant invades children’s snow play land…” When I uploaded this picture of Caleb, I had to laugh out loud.  

Do you spot the giant again?

Here’s Jimmy Walker, the man behind the party (in the ball cap).

Can you find the Aim Right’ers in the two pictures below?



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