30 Hour Famine

Over the weekend, several Aim Right’ers participated in the 30 Hour Famine, fasting for a total of 30 hours and raising money for World Vision. The group also learned about Jesus’ heart of compassion, watched videos of children living in poverty around the world, and had a food drive “contest” to fill the food pantry. Some photos from the weekend:

Devotions by Matt

Worship by Tim and the guys

Group games

The guys got a little bored and decided to see if they could duct tape this good-natured teen to the wall!

Outdoor games where the participants had “handicaps” (one arm, bad hearing, poor vision, etc.) as they had a sand-filled water relay. This was to simulate countries where medical help isn’t available to help such handicaps, and their only source of water is contaminated.

The food collected!

One of the Saturday afternoon activities was visiting Arizona City Fest in Tempe.

A HUGE crowd!

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