Last Monday evening was Joel’s first Bible study as an official Phoenix resident. He’s in the gray shirt.

Here is a quote from the Bible study: “When we allow God to impact our lives, change happens.” Caleb shared an illustration with a bucket of water and a sponge. He first put clean water into the bucket. When he soaked the sponge in the clean water, you saw a clear waterfall when the water dripped off the sponge. He then filled the bucket with dirty water and dipped the sponge into it. The result? A yucky, muddy stream flowed from the sponge. He compared the sponge to what we allow into our lives to influence us. Is it the purity of God’s Word, or the filth of the world?

Two gals had birthdays we celebrated on Monday, and one just happened to be mine.  Something positive about turning another year older:  cake and ice cream!

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