In the month Aim Right has been without a van, we have either had to rent or borrow vans, or get creative in how we do transportation.  Fortunately, it is summertime, when some of our weekly programs take a break.  However, as we begin to prepare for the start-up of fall programs such as Kids Klub and Teen Night, the urgency of replacing the van is….well, urgent!
We were blessed to receive a settlement from our insurance company, but it is not very close to the amount that is needed to replace our 2001 model with something that is a bit newer, with lower mileage, and in good condition.  The replacement van also needs to be reliable and sound enough mechanically to take teens to camp in Colorado over the next few years.
Would you consider donating to this cause?  You’ll find more info. below, including the target amount we would like to raise for the Van Fund.  To make a donation online with your debit or credit card, click “Donate Now,” (and be sure to include a designation of “Van Fund”) or mail your gift to 1013 N. 13th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006.  And would you pray that God supplies this need?  Thank you!

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