How do you motivate children?  Well, one of the ways can be the promise of a reward (especially something food-related that they like!).
Tutoring students were presented with a Spring Reading Challenge several weeks ago and needed to read at least 150 pages each to be rewarded with an Ice Cream Sundae party.  Since students are only in 1st or 2nd grade, most of the books they read have quite a few pictures and large text, but the challenge kept them interacting with various books (students could only read the same book once for the pages to count) and READING, which is our focus with tutoring!   
Two girls tied for first place in total pages read, since one had read 277 pages and the other 278.  I didn’t get photos of them, but they both got an Adventure Bible as a reward. 
Former intern Joel Roby is visiting and stopped by to help with tutoring.  What a treat for the kids who remembered him!

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