We had a “Mismatch” evening at Kids Klub recently. Wearing mismatched shoes or switching shoes with a friend at the last minute were the most popular options!

Our goal with having various themed evenings at Kids Klub is to encourage consistent attendance and participation. Last week we studied about God’s call to Abraham to move far away. I explained to my 1st grade class that when God asks us to move somewhere, it could be so that other people will hear about Him and learn to know Him. One little boy said emphatically, “My mom doesn’t know Jesus.” He is living in a mission field, and we can pray that the seeds of truth that are planted in his heart on Wednesday evenings might not just affect him, but his family as well.


Joel completed his internship and will be flying back to Ohio this afternoon. On Friday evening, we celebrated his birthday at Teen Night — just a few days late! He will be greatly missed!

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