This is a week of preparation for our two weeks of VBS, which begins June 20. The Berea Mennonite youth group from Indiana will be arriving on Saturday, June 18, and plan to lead the first week of VBS, which is primarily for children who live in a nearby public housing complex.

In researching the history of this housing complex (so that I could share some of the information with the youth group), I came across these articles and some interesting facts:

May 31, 2011 – Phoenix to Demolish Frank Luke Addition Homes
The Frank Luke projects were recently awarded a $20 million federal grant to demolish and rebuild homes, eventually transforming the community into mixed-income rentals.

The Frank Luke homes were built by the City of Phoenix in the 1940’s. During that time, the city funded three segregated housing projects, one for Anglos (Frank Luke), one for African-Americans, and one for Mexican-Americans.

April 23, 2009 – Federal Grant Money to Upgrade Phoenix Housing Complexes
This is obviously “old news,” but I know those stimulus dollars were used, because the majority of the complex has been repainted! I believe some were left unpainted, but perhaps they are ones slated for demolition.

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Pray for the Berea youth and our interns as they prepare to share Jesus with lots of children (we hope!) next week. The youth group plans to “divide and conquer” and bless another ministry to at-risk youth (Phoenix Inner-City Kids) by leading VBS for them as well.

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