Tonight at Kids Klub, a young boy expressed concern that God does not like him because he’s gotten hurt every day for the past three days. I tried to reassure him that God really does love him, but that God also allows people to do bad things, and those bad things often hurt us.

While driving the van through the Projects this evening to pick up children for Kids Klub, I spotted a familiar-looking young man, one who attended Aim Right programs some years ago. He was dressed up and had a Bible in his hand, apparently on his way to church somewhere. As he stopped to chat, I soon discovered that his put-together outward appearance camouflaged a burdened heart. His marriage is on the rocks, and he requested prayer and a phone call from a former intern.

The theme of Kids Klub this evening was God’s strength. After a fun opener of cheering for arm wrestlers Strickland (intern) and Peanut Butter (teen helper), the kids answered this question:
“Who is strong?”
Their responses?
Peanut Butter
Jesus/the Lord
Boys (quite comically, this one came from a girl)
Despite Strickland’s dominance at arm wrestling, the kids fully agreed that JESUS is the strongest!

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