From time to time, I will ask some children or youth to answer a list of specific questions for me. This is how a 16-year-old young man responded to a list of questions I gave him today:

Q: What do you enjoy coming to most at Aim Right and why?
A: I like Out Loud because each time we start singing, it makes me feel closer to God; not only that, but some of those songs make me realize how great God is and what a good life He has given me. [Out Loud is a time of teen praise and worship every other Monday evening]

Q: What is the hardest thing in your life right now?
A: The hardest thing in my life now is cussing a lot.

Q: How has your decision to follow Jesus changed your life?
A: I don’t steal things anymore. I don’t mock people. I don’t get mad. My dad has stopped drinking. People think I’m a funny, great guy to hang out with, and I think it’s because of Jesus. He made my life a lot better.

Q: Tell me one thing you’ve learned recently from the Bible.
A: I learned about what soil we are when Jesus talks in the parable.

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