A 2nd Chance, Being Different, & Starting with Me

Several weeks ago, before Easter, Kids Klub classes learned about Peter’s denial of Jesus.  Now, after Easter, we had a lesson about Peter’s 2nd chance when Jesus came to him and asked him to feed His sheep. 

Children were encouraged to wear two of something they wouldn’t normally wear.  Can you tell what 2 items she is wearing?

“God wants to give you a second chance” banner that a class made:

Stephanie’s 2nd grade class:
At Teen Night on Friday, Caleb’s message was about daring to be different.  Some examples he mentioned were Noah and Daniel.
As a bit of background to the song below, songwriter Tim Timmons says, “I wrote ‘Starts with Me’ a few years ago. I was trying to figure out, how we start a revival. The answer I got was from this devotional I read, that had a story of a young preacher who went to an old pastor and said, ‘Hey how do I start a revival in my town?’ The old pastor took a piece of chalk and wrote a circle on the ground and he said, ‘A revival doesn’t start in your town, it starts with you, on your knees walking with Jesus,’” he explains. “I’ve just found myself in my life saying ‘Jesus, copartner with me in what I’m doing.’ And I think Jesus is saying, ‘Hey guys, let me lead. Just follow me, and I will do great things.’”  You can read the lyrics here.

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