A Day of Hope

Family Life Radio declared today “A Day of Hope” and has been encouraging listeners today to support the ministry of Youth Haven Ranch. Aim Right has had a long-standing relationship with YHR. In fact, as I was listening to the radio this morning, two of our interns were enroute to Picacho, AZ, to gather “our” campers who were there enjoying a 3-day camp.

Youth Haven truly is a place of hope. Just lask week, I visited with a teenager who told me that she accepted Christ as her Savior when she attended YHR as a child.

By special request of one of the YHR staff members, we will be returning to Picacho next week, taking two teens who will attend a Teen Retreat and then serve (for the second time this summer!) as LIT’s (leaders-in-training) for a Children’s Retreat.

Our most recent group of happy campers:

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