A life changed, an impact multiplied

Twelve years ago, on his front porch, Christian accepted an invitation to attend one of our youth programs at Aim Right. Like many of our youth, his home life was pretty unstable. But starting that first night, he began to jump into our community and programs with all he had.

Over time, through discipleship and relationship at Aim Right, Christian gave his life to Christ. Life since then hasn’t always been easy for him, but Christian has stayed faithful and continues to give back to the Garfield community. He now journeys through life with other young men growing up in the same environment that he did.

Because of his faithfulness and desire to see those around him experience God’s love,Christian has been able to get his younger siblings plugged into Aim Rightas well,to help them discover who God is. There was a span of afew years where Christian, all five of his siblings,and several cousins were all part of at least one Aim Right program. This was all thanks to Christianencouraging them to be involved.

Christian recently celebrated two years of marriage with his amazing wife,Gloria. They are currently active in their local church, they volunteer at various Aim Right events, and Christian still leads in City Youth programs and Kingdom Kids here at Aim Right.

It’s hard to say where Christian would have ended up had we not met him one day on his front porch, but we are beyond grateful that he said yes to Jesus and has never looked back since. Christian is a huge part of our Aim Right family, and we’ve been privileged to journey through life with him

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