A List of Links

-An interesting Washington Post article: To attract young people to your church, you’ve got to be warm. Not cool.
According to the article, this is what young people are looking for: authenticity, connection, and a sense of family. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

-An informative report: The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact
This is rather lengthy, but my recommendation would be to read the Executive Summary (pages 1-5) and the section regarding Youth (pages 37-61). Arizona will be voting in November on the legalization of recreational marijuana. How will that affect our youth?

Hope Women’s Center is in a new location closer to Aim Right and was recently on TV. Also featured was a class taught by Cakes for Causes.
Our intern Aleisha volunteers at Hope Women’s Center. Cakes for Causes has donated baked goods to Aim Right in the past.

-Just for fun: An excited 4th grader
I don’t even know the orders anymore.”

-Recent Aim Right happenings on our Facebook page.
Kids Club, supplies needed, and staff prayer.

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