Aim Right North 12.19.14

Aim Right North’s final Community Night of the year was December 19th.
The basketball court and the fire pit were favorite gathering spots as the guests waited for the food to be served.

Aim Right North has an amazing group of Friday volunteers who used to be involved with Prodigal’s Home, the ministry we purchased the property from earlier this year.  These volunteers love to prepare and serve food.  Steve grilled the tortillas for the tacos (not pictured, because apparently I was either too busy serving nachos or eating a delicious taco!).  

A.J. had prepared a Christmas quiz with questions from the Bible and shared about the true meaning of Christmas before the food was served.

Face painting!

S’more’s with giant marshmallows!

The evening ended with several game stations.  Participants won tickets for successfully completing a game.

Ticket numbers were then called, and several kids were the happy winners of McDonald’s gift cards!

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