Aim Right North Teen Girl Night

Post and photos by Aleisha Boley:
Last night we had another Teen Girl Night at Aim Right North. I have started to do this once a month with the girls, and so far the two times I have done it, it’s been a great turn out! I thought that this would be a good opportunity for the girls to just be girls and not worry about being perfect for the boys. And it’s also a great time to build relationships with them and for them to just have fun.
Last night we painted canvases and had snacks. The girls love doing crafty things, and they always love the food!! We always have fun and interesting conversations about what they like to do, the drama in their lives, and of course what every teen girl talks about…boys. Of course I try to do my best on guiding them with that topic.

I asked the girls to write about why they like Teen Girl Night. Here are some of their answers:
“I like Aim Right’s Teen Girl Nights because it’s where girls can be themselves and do whatever.”
“The reason I like Aim Right’s Teen Girl Nights is because it’s where girls can be themselves, hang out, have fun, etc, and without the boys judging us.”        
“The reason I like Girls Teen Night is because we get to know other girls and have fun.”    

“Girls Teen Night is great because I can be me. This gives me peaceful and fun nights.”
“We like Girl Teen Night; there is food, and it’s fun and crafty.”   
I pray that our relationships grow deeper, and they can just be who they are. And that God will use this time for them to get to know Him more.
Please pray for Aleisha as she invests in these girls’ lives. It takes time, energy, patience, wisdom, preparation, and commitment!

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