Aim Right VBS – Day 1

When the high temperature is around 113 degrees, then you know that it must be VBS time at Aim Right!  Hero Headquarters began yesterday evening.  With the swamp coolers running throughout the building, and a few air-conditioned rooms to slip into, we managed to beat the heat and have a lot of fun in the process.
Maintenance Mac, Pizza Man, and Water Woman kept the children amused with humorous skits about the evening’s theme:  Heroes do the unexpected.

Darrell shared the Bible story about Naaman and the servant girl, who was the hero in the story because she told Naaman about the man of God who could heal him.

In other news, our trusty–and only!–van was stolen last night.  Authorities found it in El Mirage (20-25 miles away), and it is probably totaled.  The driver of the van was charged with a DUI and had collided with a street sweeper.  The good news is that we had full coverage on the van, and our insurance company will most likely cover the cost of a rental van for us until it’s determined if the van is fixable or if we need to purchase another one.  In the meantime, Paradise Valley Mennonite Church is letting us borrow their van to pick up kids for VBS tonight.  Since there are several events this week and in the following weeks that will require a van, please pray that insurance adjusters can quickly make a decision, and that God would lead us to the right van (at the right price!) if indeed we have to purchase another one.

(Bye, Bye Van!)

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