Back to School

School begins early in Phoenix. I can recall a few years when the first day of school was in July. This year, most of the nearby elementary schools are beginning tomorrow. A local real estate company that specializes in historic properties, The District PHX, organized a Back-to-School event for Garfield Elementary, which is located across from our downtown campus. Aim Right was invited to participate and donated several back packs and school supplies and also provided volunteers for the event.
The back packs were the only “dry” part of this event, since it was located outdoors.  There was a dunk tank which Delia (in the sunglasses) helped to man.
Aleisha even had a moment of sitting in the hot seat.  One dunk was apparently her limit, because by the time I got my phone out to take a picture, this was happening!

Ro kept an eye on the water slide.

Back by the canopies were two food trucks serving various flavors of shaved ice. Yum! Kids had a blast on the slip-n-slide, too.
Below, I think Aleisha was still trying to recover from her dunk tank experience, and Mark was kind enough to keep her company. Mark is a teen and is one of our regulars at Aim Right.

Despite the heat, it was a fun two hours as we connected with a lot of families and children we know through Kids Club.

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