Big Surf 2009

Yesterday, Aim Right’s Team FUN group spent the day at Big Surf. It was their grand finale reward for learning about these character qualities over a period of 9 months:

C- Christ-like Character
H- Honesty
A- Attitude
R- Respect
A- Ambition
C- Caring
T- Trustworthy
E- Excellence
R- Responsibility

The curriculum outline and the quarterly reward outings were coordinated by Kurt Warner’s First Things First Foundation. Usually, Kurt and his wife will join our group at the water park, but they chose to attend a March Madness game with us instead (go figure).

Here is the group, ready for sunburns and splashing:

A pizza lunch was prepared for us:

Then, it was off to the wave pool and the water slides. There is a serious lack of photos to document this portion of the day because (a) I’m not a very good photographer, and I photographed more spray than I did people, and (b) THE REAL REASON: I was tearin’ it up myself on those water slides. Someone had to show the kids how it’s done.


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