Camp Photos

Sandi took so many fantastic photos at camp that it’s hard to narrow it down to some to post here!

The Bacher 4 that went along…Darrell served as chapel speaker.
A fast-paced game night that involved blowing the ping pong ball so that it didn’t fall off on your end of the table.
Gorgeous mountain scenery and horseback rides.

Intern Joel’s group of guys. Christian (standing) served as assistant counselor.

Camp Director Caleb and wife Stephanie, daughter Madison, and Grandma Reed, who kept busy chasing Madison!
My group of campers

Jewel’s group
Doing the trust fall can be a bit frightening!
You might call this perseverance.
Seth’s group
Kelsi’s group. Flerida served as assistant counselor.
A.J.’s group
Tim’s group
Andrea’s group

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