Cardinals Game!

Sometimes it seems like life is full of difficult decisions.

You wake up and have to decide between Captain Crunch or Raisin Bran, decaf or double shot, apple juice or orange juice

Heavy stuff.

Or maybe someone offers you tickets to a football game. You can take some friends along with you….19 friends, to be exact. Oh, and this football game happens to be an NFL one….the Arizona Cardinals versus the Seattle Seahawks, to be exact. And those tickets? They’re in the 17th row of the endzone, to be exact.

But there’s one more catch. You need to wait around awhile after the game, because the quarterback would like to meet you and your 19 friends in a reserved room. He wants to pray with you, sign autographs for you, and take photos with you.

As I said, sometimes life is just filled with difficult decisions.

Aim Right’s Team FUN group, a character-building program sponsored by Kurt Warner’s First Things First Foundation, had a great time at the Cardinals game over the weekend. Special thanks to Emily for the pictures you see below!

The whole group with Kurt & Brenda Warner and the Cardinals mascot:

Note: If you receive a Sunday newspaper, it might interest you that this coming weekend’s issue of USA Weekend (a newspaper insert) will feature Kurt Warner on its cover. He has been selected as the most caring athlete of 2009. For the past four years, many Aim Right youth have certainly been blessed by the Warners’ caring and generous spirit.

Now that decision is a good one!

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