Celebrating Amy!

On Monday the 16th we got to celebrate one of our dearest staff members and volunteers, Amy Unrau. She has been Aim Right’s right hand as our Administrative Assistant along with many other job titles here for 12 years. Aside from being awesome, Amy, took care of all the financing, blogging, mailings, thank you letters, supplies, event prepping/booking, newsletters, graphic designing, kids ministry, and much much more! She has served wholehearted and it has been such a pleasure to of had her here with us.

With Gods guidance Amy has taken the plunge to move on to where Gods calling her. Tho it will truly be sad to not have her around as much as she was before we love that she is going to make an impact where God has directed her. Here’s a bit of Amy’s story…

Growing up in Oklahoma, since she was as young as she can remember, Amy always wanted to be a teacher. She was raised in a Christian home with her dad, mom, and brother raising beef cattle. As she got older in the back of her mind she knew she wanted to be of service to the Lord in some way or another. God then called her to sponsor a teen for Aim Right Camp one year and the gratitude from a Thank You note that camper gave her just touched her heart. It pushed her to intentionally pray for guidance in service. After many prayers God directed her to Aim Right’s 1 year Intern program bringing her to Phoenix. Impacting youth who are outsiders to the Christian way of life with her kindness and love for others.

Here she became Aim Rights Administrative assistant soon after her internship ended. During these years here she heard God calling her as she helped during Aim Rights Tutor Program where volunteers would sit with kids from the neighborhood to help them with their homework. She often wondered why the kids were not learning at school. It sadden her heart and with a positive attitude she thought she needed to do something about it. Just like Peter when he saw Jesus-SHE DOVE IN and took the plunge! Amy has now been studying at Grand Canyon University since June 2015 on her road to becoming a TEACHER!! She will be graduating in May 3rd of this year!! 
                                                                                                       Congratulations Amy!!

                                                                       Amy’s Office

                                                               Enjoying Chick-fil-A

                                                                       Buffet style!

She was surprised! 

Little Amy at 4 years old. Look at that adorable smile! 🙂

 From the bottom of our hearts we are truly grateful for your amazing dedication and service you gave to this ministry. Amy!! You will be Missed!!!


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