Christian…or Not?

Enroute to Kids Klub yesterday evening, a conversation occurred that went something like this:

Child: “What kind of church is this?”
Me: “Christian.”
Child: “Good! I’m a Christian, not a Catholic.”
Me: “So how do you know you’re a Christian?”
Child: “I have a godmother and a godfather.”
Me: “So Christians have godmothers and godfathers, but Catholics don’t?”
Child: “Yes…”

Where did she come up with this? I have no clue, and I only had a few minutes to quickly explain to her how one really becomes a Christian before dealing with other distractions on the van.

Please be in prayer for next week’s Kids Klub, when children will be learning about Jesus’ death and resurrection in their classes. Many are already familiar with the story, but our prayer is that the story might become real in a personal way this Easter, as they begin to see that Jesus died to bring Fernando and Patricia and Ignacio and whoever believes in Him eternal life.

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