Community Night 11.20.15

Special thanks to Aleisha Boley for sharing this post and photos about Aim Right North’s Community Night.

Amy asked me to write about Friday night community night and I’m glad she asked me to do this because even though I’ve only been here for 3 weeks, Friday night is my favorite night!

So what is Community Night, and what do we do?  Community Night is at Aim Right North. It’s where the community people can come and hang out at the mission and enjoy a free dinner, games, and crafts. Not many adults come (mostly community kids), but there is a lot of them! So it’s a fun time to get to know them and just work on building relationships.

 Like I said, there is food and crafts.  Where do we get all the help to organize this? That’s the really cool part. Back before this building became Aim Right’s, it was another mission that helped special needs people. So some of the people who volunteered with that really liked what Aim Right was doing and joined us and are now volunteering here! They are amazing people; we have some who are in charge of getting the food ready and out on the serving table–which I think is a very important job because food is always important. 😉

We have a very sweet lady who is in charge of getting crafts together for the kids, and she will once in a while have a game of Bingo for them where they can win little prizes. She’s good at this, and you can tell she loves doing it and loves the kids.

There are even two men who sit and separate the plastic plates to make it easier for those who are serving the food. Everyone is important because of every little thing they do to help make the night run smoother. These people are such a blessing and make it so nice for us! That allows the rest of us to work on building relationships with the people and kids, although we do try to help wherever we can if they need it.
There is also normally a game of basketball going on, four square, tether ball, and kids just hanging out around the fire.  I love it! I love seeing the kids run around with their friends laughing and hanging out. I love seeing the volunteers joyfully giving up their time to help out.  At the end of the night,  AJ gets us all gathered around and ends the night with a prayer. I just pray that what God is doing here and the people He uses will impact these families and their children.
– Aleisha

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