Destination: San Diego!

Q: What do you get when you set up a compound of 6 tents (more or less), a camper, two vans, a Sprinter, and a car?

A: An Aim Right retreat weekend!

Breezy, coldish San Diego was the location for the retreat, with lots of good food and conversations, a time of both reflection and relaxation. Darrell challenged us to think about endurance and also the question, “What in your life requires faith?” To paraphrase, God has trouble working in a life that is predictable and self-sufficient and does not require Him.

Recently, I visited with the director of another local youth ministry, and we discussed how some kids “make it,” while others don’t. Do you give up because you don’t see the fruit you long to see? No, you don’t, because you are, by faith, a seed planter who knows that God, the Master Gardener, is ultimately the only One who can make that seed grow (See I Corinthians 3:6)!

Now, for a few photos of San Diego….

Egg McMuffins in the making (Watch out, McDonalds!):

Just enjoying life together:
And chillaxin’ (as a teen would say) on a chilly beach:

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