Fall Fest!

Do you remember the 80’s slogan “Where’s the beef?”

Last night, I believe the appropriate slogan would’ve been “Where’s the heat?”

As frigid temps peppered the Valley yesterday (hey, when you’re used to 100+ degree days in October, a plunge into the 50’s and 60’s is frigid!) and the usually absent wind picked up force, we had a Fall Festival — outside, of course!

Frigid around here just means you wear a sweatshirt with your shorts.

There was cotton candy made by sugar chef Amy and her assistant Jovani.

There were yummy, warm tostadas (over 200 of them!) made by chef Darrell and assistant Jasmine.

There was cherry-apple juice poured by Mrs. Darrell.

There was face painting……by Emily:

…..and Flerida (and others)

There were crazy clowns.

There were games….throw-a-dart, pop-a-balloon, win-some-candy:

throw-some-balls-in-the-buckets, win-some-candy:

throw-a-ball-through-the-bases, win-some-candy:

guess-the-answer-to-Ro’s-question, win-a-CAKE!

throw-a-line-in-the-pond, catch-some-candy!

Sponge Bob also showed up in the form of a bounce house, but he jiggled too much when I took his photo, so His Royal Blurryness isn’t pictured here.

Despite the coolness, it was still a fun-filled night for our Kids Klub children and their families and others in the community. We were blessed to receive a large donation of candy from employees at Qwest, where our Kids Klub director Ro’s wife works. They are the founding partners of our new organization called Children At-Risk for Cavity Formation.

We have also recently been blessed with the opportunity to purchase food in bulk very cheaply through St. Mary’s Food Bank. Since we provide a snack at the majority of our programs, this way of purchasing food has already been a big money-saver, plus we can offer more variety in what we serve.

Well, I’m off to work on the incorporation papers for Children At-Risk for Cavity Formation.
Just kidding. Have a lovely afternoon!

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