Fall Festival

I’m not quite sure when the Fall Festival tradition began at Aim Right, but we have been having one for a number of years; we invite our Kids Club children and their families, but teens and others from the community often come as well.  This year, Colby and Kari coordinated the event, and their hours of hard work paid off through a festival that was fun and well organized.

These gals arrived early and focused on caffeination before the festival officially started.

In addition to our local volunteers, we’re also very thankful for the great help from Jewel’s family, visiting from Iowa.  Thank you, Norman & Sandy, Darryl, and Myron & Alissa!

Chairs ready for the Cake Walk:

Great anticipation as the “brinca brinca” goes up!

 Face painting is always a favorite activity.

A Cake Walk winner!

Ring toss game:

Putt-putt game:

Baseball game:

Cotton candy!  Since our cotton candy machine was in a dark spot on the property, there aren’t any good photos of the hard-working cotton candy crew, but they certainly stayed busy all evening.


One of the nice things about a festival like this is that it gives us opportunities to connect more with the children and their families, since we invite the whole family to come.  I know I was encouraged and blessed through visiting with a mom from the community.

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