First Kids Klub

Last Wednesday evening was our first Kids Klub after summer break.  The children were excited and ready to come again.  Of the 60-65 children that were there, the girls outnumbered the boys by a large margin.  We also saw quite a few new faces; children must have invited friends since we hadn’t intentionally recruited new children (but they’re always welcome!).

Joel and the interns did a skit for the children.  The photo of the bus below doesn’t do it justice.  Interns designed and “built” the cardboard bus, and in my opinion, it’s quite a happy little bus! 
Please pray for wisdom and extra helpers for our Kids Klub program; with a lot of “high energy” kiddos, it can be a challenge to maintain order and quietness, but we want to have an environment where His truth can be taught — and caught, too.

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