From 40 to 125 – This is how the Pantry grows!

Last month when The Mobile Pantry´╗┐ was on site at Aim Right for the first time, around 40 families came to get food.

This morning, 125 families were served, with around 6,000 pounds of food distributed!  Despite the delayed arrival of the food truck, volunteers worked quickly to sort the food so it would be ready to give out by 9 a.m.

Some of this morning’s selection included cauliflower, broccoli, melons, potatoes, and bakery items.  Yesterday evening, one of our Kids Klub attendees asked, “Will you have Pepsi again?  My mom is planning a party for Saturday.”  She was remembering that last month, Pepsi was one of the “bonus” items you could select, in addition to the fruits and veggies.  Can you imagine the crowd if Pepsi were a staple each month?! 

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