Blog: From Kids Klub to Teen Night….

Here are some of last week’s events in photos:The newest attraction outside is a soccer goal. Obviously the fascination level is still high! A special grant from the county enabled us to purchase some new recreation equipment, as well as expand our outdoor lighting and add a large section of netting behind the basketball court.

[In the middle of writing this post, there was an interruption. A neighbor stopped by to report that a group of children had been playing in our bus, but scampered away when he caught them. Apparently they crawled in through a window. Mischief has been the name of the game today because earlier this afternoon, an intern spotted a couple of boys walking around on the roof of the intern guys’ house. Can you tell there is no school this week?!]

The aforementioned bus, as it arrived at Kids Klub full of children last Wednesday Thursday evening, we invited 10 children to join us for a meal, skit, and games.

The interns + a few others did a humorous skit about prayer.

Teen Night was packed on Friday evening! Caleb spoke to over 50 teens about the things he is thankful for — the Cross, the blood shed for sin, the nails that held Him to the cross.
Afterwards, it was S’more’s time!

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