Good-bye, AJ & Jewel

There’s just something about Ohio.  If you analyzed the home states of all of our past interns, volunteers, and staff, it would probably rank #1. It’s the state where AJ and Jewel Miller came from when they moved to Phoenix five years ago, and it’s where they recently moved again. While so many here are very sad to see them go, there’s a great kingdom opportunity (and an Aim Right connection) they are pursuing. You can read more about the opportunity and their OhioàPhoenixàOhio journey here.

While AJ and Jewel’s focus during the past few years here was building relationships in the Sunnyslope community and eventually opening and directing Aim Right North, they helped in other ways, too. You’d find them at the downtown campus assisting with the auction, Vacation Bible School, yard sales, Mobile Pantry, and more. Jewel was our go-to for creative projects, and AJ tackled hauling, moving, and carpentry.

Some memories…



Several weeks ago, Aim Right hosted a farewell event for the Millers. It included a time of prayer for them.



Enric and Tory Mast will be directing Aim Right North now. They have been involved with Aim Right North since its beginning and worked closely with AJ and Jewel. We are glad they are stepping in to continue the work. Please pray for them as they take on this responsibility!

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