Good-byes are never easy.

In July, we said farewell to intern Brittany Yoder, who completed a 15-month term. For many of those months, Brittany served as Aim Right’s only female intern. She was much loved by the kindergarteners in her Wednesday evening Kids Klub class, as well as by the group of teenaged girls she mentored. We miss you, Brittany, and wish you God’s best in the future!

A pair of wonderful servants will be moving away from Phoenix later this week. Keith Byler served as Aim Right’s Teen Ministries Director since the summer of 2007, and his wife Emily also invested much of her time in the lives of at-risk children and youth. Keith began the Out Loud program, a monthly teen worship service accompanied by separate guys’ and girls’ Bible studies. He challenged youth to live every moment “out loud” for their Creator, not just while they were in a church or worship setting.

Keith & Emily will soon be challenging and encouraging a new group of people — those living in the vicinity of Apple Creek, Ohio, where Keith will be serving as the associate pastor of Fairlawn Mennonite Church. While Keith & Emily will be greatly missed here, we pray that God will continue to use them to further His kingdom — even though it seems it’s wayyyy too many miles from Phoenix!

To know Keith is to know he has an incredible sense of humor.

Byler #3 is coming soon!

On second thought….perhaps it is a good thing we’re saying good-bye to these…um….shady-looking characters!

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