Guess who’s taking over?

Now that we are missing Amy terribly, who will take over all her duties at Aim Right? …………. Robots! Just kidding! 😁 It’s been quite some time now and it’s time to introduce Stephanie Reed and Delia Cabrillas.

Stephanie is the Aim Right Directors wife, Caleb Reed. Since their move to Phoenix over 8 years ago she has been a huge aid to Aim Right. Not only is she a great mamma of two (Madison 7 and Carter 3) but she has done an incredible job taking on the position of the Event Coordinator. Not to mention anything that comes up that needs to be done, she’s one to step up until the job is done. Is there a job title for that? We are wondering. In all, Stephanie is very conscientious with her duties and we are truly grateful that she has taken on the Office Manager’s title. It just so happens that we took a trip into Steph’s future in our time machine and it looks really bright! 😉 Steph! You will do amazing!

Now meet Delia Cabrillas. She started out as a teen with Aim Right over 14 years ago. Aim Right programs and attending church services with Crossroads Christian Fellowship really helped her to get to know Christ. Since then, she has served as a volunteer for Bible Study on Monday nights for a few years, as a Teen Camp counselor, and is now volunteering as a teacher for 5th-6th grade girls on their Wednesday night program called Kids Club. “Not just the Aim Right programs but also the staff has taught me a whole lot. They are truly God’s hands and feet with a big heart for the ministry!” she said. Delia will be in the office helping out with what ever necessary along with anything Public Relations.

We are rooting for you girls!!

Stephanie and Delia 

Prayer Request:

  • Clarity
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Free time to get things done.

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