Happy Comprehending

The campers are home again!

Here’s a sneak peek at the thank you letters some of them composed. Perhaps I should note that their style of spelling has been retained for your reading pleasure. Happy comprehending!

Thank you Youth Haven Ranch. You are cool. And thank you for leating me and my friends go to Youth Haven Ranch.

At Youth Heaven it was asome. Because of church.

Thank you for tacking cear of me. Thank you for the good food and toys I will mease you I will weat for you to reat me back

You are cool. Thank you for all that you done for us. For all fun Youth Heaven Raunch

Theincs for being rilly nais to llet us go camping in your propord. [smiley face] Senssirly [child’s name]

Thank you for being so nice to us (LITs and kids). It was so fun to go back to Youth Haven. The food was awesome and the team leaders were great! Say hi to all the team leaders for me plz. Love you guys. Thank you again.

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