Hardships and Difficulties

This list doesn’t even come close to Paul’s sufferings mentioned in 2 Corinthians 11, or the sufferings of many believers across the world, but there have been some hardships and difficulties in the past 10 days.

1. One of our side van windows was hit by something hard enough to fracture the glass, although the window was still intact when we discovered it. It appears to be malicious behavior since no one has ever come to apologize for what happened.

2. We’ve needed wisdom and patience to deal with some disrespectful kids who like to push buttons and disobey rules.

3. An individual reported a bomb threat to police on Wednesday evening while we were having Kids Klub. Officers came and asked us to evacuate the building while they searched. Praise God, nothing was found, and getting 75-some people out of the building went safely and smoothly. The children were quite disappointed, though, that we had to take them home early and weren’t able to have snack time as usual.

4. An unusually large amount of rain poured upon the Valley last night and all day today, and our “lower level” felt the effects of that. (An officer said the other evening after he’d searched the building: “I didn’t realize how big this place is! I kept opening doors and more doors!”). A borrowed sump pump has helped to get the basement dry again, in time for the teens who will be eating and sleeping here while they attend Acquire the Fire this weekend.

We have MUCH to be thankful for, too — youth who are excited about attending ATF, children who beg to learn “new songs about God,”great staff and volunteers, and reliance on Him to carry us through any difficulties and hardships.

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