Hiking the Grand Canyon

Hiking this massive canyon takes dedication. Caleb led his team of interns to hiking one of Phoenix’s hardest mountains in preparation for the real deal. Carle and Kegan had the opportunity to do so. Our amazing interns are given the chance to remove this off their bucket list! Here’s a brief description in the eyes of Carle: 
“When I found out Caleb was going to plan a trip to hike the Grand Canyon, I was all in. It seemed like such an excitement!! I knew it was a once in a life time chance, so I signed up to go along with one of the other interns, Kegan. We trained for about a month before hand. We went every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We would meet up at 5:00 am and hike Squaw Peak Mountain. It was definitely a challenge. We kept trying to push ourselves on our time. By the end of our training we had made our goal! We were ready to hike the Grand Canyon! We drove up Monday and stayed in the campground. Tuesday morning we got up at 5:30 and started our 17 mile hike throughout the canyon. If any of you ever have the chance to go, do it!  I will never regret going. We had to carry all of our water and food. Luckily there were watering stations along the way so we could fill up when needed. Most of our food consisted of crackers, beef jerky, uncrustables, and granola bars. We would stop when arriving to a watering station so we could eat, use the bathroom and rest a bit. It was a challenge by the end. My legs were sore for the last 5 miles of the hike. Luckily Caleb had brought along some of his hiking sticks and those helped me a lot. We just kept going at a slow steady pace and would take breaks as needed. Step by step we made it out of the canyon in 9 hours and 15 min! I was ready for a shower and a nap by that time. It was so nice to be able to sit back and relax after the long day. We spent the night again at the campground before heading off that Wednesday. I was so glad I had brought my camera along. I was able to take lots of pictures from our trip. Take a look at some of the beautiful places we saw.”

What a fun trip!!! 

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