Hispanic America: Faith, Values, & Priorities

The Barna Group recently released this report:  Hispanic America:  Faith, Values, and Priorities.  
Why conduct an in-depth study specifically about Hispanic Americans?  The Barna Group’s website reports:
Hispanics represent nearly one out of every six adults in the U.S. today and demographic projections show this segment is likely to grow in the coming decades. By 2050, it’s predicted there will be no ethnic or racial majority in the U.S. and Hispanics will make up 25 to 30 percent of the population.

In the coming decades, the values, beliefs, behaviors and worldview of Hispanics will increasingly affect the fabric of American life. Understanding the Hispanic audience and their impact is important for anyone interested in reading the times and carefully engaging with cultural and sociological trends.

The complete study is available for purchase through the Barna Group, but “Infographics” like the image above are available on their website and cover a variety of demographics. 

The study revealed that respondents’ top concerns for Hispanic youth are dropout rates, drug and alcohol abuse, and teenage pregnancy.  Those are certainly challenges we see Hispanic families facing every day!

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