Hospitality in the Heat

It is amazing how quiet it is now that the youth group has gone home to Iowa, and VBS is over.  We had originally scheduled two weeks of VBS, back-to-back, but when the youth group for the second week didn’t have a sufficient amount of volunteers, we decided to have only one week of VBS.

This week, we are taking some children to this church’s VBS.  In fact, a girl had asked me about a month ago, “When are we going to get to go to that church again?”  This morning Caleb & Stephanie took 8 campers, as well as a teen (LIT – Leader in Training), to Youth Haven Ranch for the week.  As I have been visiting various families to register children for camp and hand out and collect permission forms — typically in the heat of the afternoon — several parents have had pity on me and invited me inside. 

That simple act of saying, “Come inside where it’s cooler,” means something to me.  They don’t have to invite me into their home. I may turn into sweaty Betty while I wait on the porch, but it’s doubtful I would die of heat exhaustion during a 15 minute visit.  They are being vulnerable enough to let me see how they live on a daily basis, and are showing that in some measure, they trust me with that information.

Granted, not all homes are ones you’d like to be invited inside, but that’s when you’re thankful God created your mouth as an alternate breathing mechanism, and you need to remember that most things are washable — including yourself and your clothes!

As I was typing this, a parent called and has permission forms ready to be picked up.  Out of the air conditioning and into the heat I go! 

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