“In September”

“In September.”

That’s an answer that’s been oft repeated — whether to the parched, sweat drenched, basketball playing guys who knock on the door for a drink of water, or the Kids Club family you happen to see at the dollar store, or the teens and children that are around the neighborhood.

They want to know when we’re going to have [insert program name here] again.

“In September,” is the answer.

The other day, as I was preparing to leave Aim Right, I heard a basketball bouncing, but no one was on the court.  Out of curiosity, I walked around the corner; it happened to be two girls, but I didn’t recognize either of them.  They wanted to talk.

“When will the church be open?”

We got past the “in September” part, and then the questions lobbed back and forth resulted in my knowing that:

  • They are sisters.
  • They’ve never met their real dad, but they have a step-dad that lives with them.
  • Their mom was out running some errands related to their brother in jail.  She was “getting their brother’s booking number,” or something like that. 
  • When their brother’s not locked up, he doesn’t live with them “because of CPS.”
  • Their grandma takes them to church regularly, and it seemed highly important if our services would incorporate “dance” like the church they’re used to attending.
  • They attend a “Spanish” church.
  • A sister corrected, “No, it’s a Christian one.”

Sometimes it amazes me how matter-of-factly children share less-than-picturesque details about their home situations.  When a dysfunctional home is all you’ve known, I suppose you assume that is normal.  While I didn’t ask the girls many questions about their family, they volunteered the information.

These girls are still living in “the plastic years,” impressionable and hungry for attention; they want to go to church.  Lord willing, “in September,” these new faces will be able to join many others as we press into Him and the hope and life-giving truth that He offers.

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