Year-Long Internship

Joining our team as an intern will change your life forever.

If you are passionate about helping to raise up a generation that loves Jesus, and desire to see revival break out among our youth, we would be excited to have you join our team.

The Ministry Intern Experience is a hands-on leadership program that will equip you to serve in an urban community. While on assignment you will help to build relationships with new and existing youth in the community, learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a kid’s/youth ministry, and partner with local schools to reach kids on the school campus.

This is a one-year commitment where you live in community with other young adults in one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.


Summer Internship

If you’re not ready for a one-year commitment, try our Summer Internship.

This is a 3-week opportunity for you to jump into urban ministry. You will get an opportunity to serve at Teen Camp, VBS, Day Camp, and more.

While living in community with other young adults you will grow as an Urban Leader and be challenged to build authentic relationships with the kids and teens in this community that desperately need to know about God’s love for them.


Aim Right is empowering young leaders through Christ-centered discipleship, to creatively influence their community while simultaneously changing the trajectory of their lives. You can join us.