It’s the Little Things

The Little Things:

1. Printing new labels to update our volunteer and staff mail slots
2. Going to Ace Hardware and having new keys made

The Little Things Mean:

1. Former intern Joel Roby is moving from Ohio to Phoenix today. He is coming to Phoenix to live, work, and (insert some hallejuahs!) volunteer at Aim Right. I looked up a few posts about Joel from the past:

Question and Answer
First Kids Klub
Teen Night 10.15.10

2. We’ll soon welcome three new interns — Colby Yoder, Kari Miller, and Alexa Overholt. Again, insert some hallejuahs! God provides.

3. The foursome of new volunteers and interns are all coming from Ohio, and if you put the first letters of their names together, it spells J-A-C-K. Will they discuss Ohio State football while eating Jack-in-the-Box burgers? I don’t know, but it’s quite possible. Will a precious Ohio possession of theirs be jacked? That is quite possible, too (although hopefully that doesn’t happen). Will another intern come from Ohio whose name is Jack?

4. I’ll stop now (insert some hallejuahs!).

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