Just Listening In…

Here’s a chance to eavesdrop on the weekend happenings:  Teen Night and Ranch Day.
“Hi, I’m Caleb.  I decided to challenge a few teens to a little competition.  Yes, that’s a mustard bottle you see.  I’m mixing it into some Mountain Dew, along with chocolate syrup, pancake syrup, hot sauce, and my secret seasoning.  Perfection.”
“We’re the spectators.  We’re pretty glad that we didn’t raise our hands and declare to be ‘up for anything.’   That mustard-syrup-chocolate drink looks pretty disgusting.”

“Hey, people!  I’m Carter.  I did my best to dress up for this Teen Night event.  Do you like my tie?  I’m usually pretty quiet unless I get too hungry or start to feel left out.  Then I’ll let you know not to forget about me!”

“We’re smiling because this little competition is just too wacky.  What is this strange concoction going to taste like?  Is it even worth the prize of a large tea, a Hot Pocket, and a bag of chips?”

“Gulp, gulp, gulp.”

“I’m talking to teens about REDEMPTION.  I desperately want them to know that Jesus can redeem anything and change anybody.”

“Howdy, ya’ll.  I’m Bill, the one in the cowboy hat.  I love welcoming youth to our ranch in Buckeye.  My wife and I want our home to feel like their home, even if it is for only a few hours.”

“And I’m Wanda, Bill’s wife.  I have the privilege of sharing with the kids about our horses and how God has given man dominion over the animals.  Just as horses depend on us humans for their care, we depend on God for the air we breathe, the life we have.”

“I’m Madison.  I think it’s pretty neat that I get to help my daddy lead the horse around the corral.”

“I’m Brittany, in the blue shirt.  Buckeye reminds me a lot of Texas, where I used to live — except that Texas has more grass.”


 “I, Clara, and I, Diana, hereby resolve never to enter the Pen of the Goats again.  It is a wonder we were finally rescued and made it out of there alive.”

“Seriously?  You were that scared of us?  We were just playing around!”  


 “Of this we are confident:  WE WANT TO GO FASTER!  FASTER, BILL!  FASTER!  And we want to see that dead cow.”

“I want you kids to know that I am here for you.  I have been where you are — going to church but not living a good life.  One day I prayed to Jesus on the Kids Club bus, and my life changed.  It is still changing.  He is changing me.”

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