Kids Club–and How You Change the World

You’ll have to look for subtle differences here, but this is Edition Normal:

Then Edition Mad-Grumpy-DO NOT Smile:

Then Edition Crazy:

Then Edition Peace-Out, Man:


Brother and sister:

Yesterday was perfect weather for playing outdoors.

It seems that when class time comes, I forget to take photos.  We have started a new series about the armor of God.  I am thankful for the many volunteers that show up week after week to help with Kids Club.  Most of them work a day job and then come and spend their dinner hour teaching kids who might not smell too great and are full of words when you really want them to be full of quiet.
In a blog post I read this week was a good dose of Scripture-rich encouragement to keep on keepin’ on — whether it’s in children’s or youth outreach or anything God has set before you.  Here are some excerpts from the excellent article You Will Change the World by Jon Bloom (bold emphasis is mine):
Our purposeful or incidental interactions and intersections with other people affect the timing of events or ideas or decisions that direct the future trajectory of their lives, eventually affecting millions.
…if you knew how much your life actually impacts others, how far that impact extends, and some of the unforeseen massively important things that result, it might frighten you into near paralysis, fearing you might cause a calamity.
There is no such thing as an unimportant, meaningless life. Life would only be meaningless if atheism were true. Then all of reality would be meaningless.

The life you have been given is an assignment from the Lord (1 Corinthians 7:17). You don’t need to be someone else and you don’t need to be somewhere else. You need to be who and where God wants you to be. Because your assigned life is not just about you. It’s also about hundreds of others around you and hundreds of thousands of others who will come after you.
And since you are not wise or foreseeing enough to chart your own course for the sake of your present and future fruitfulness, you must follow Jesus by faith.

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