Blog: Kids Club – May 4

Here’s a glimpse of yesterday’s Kids Club. Yesterday also happened to be our first triple-digit day of the year (102 degrees). Summer is coming!

Aleisha went home for a week to celebrate her brother’s graduation.  We are glad she is back in Phoenix!

The rope we had been using for a jump rope turned into a tug-of-war rope.

Kids love to help out with singing by coming on the stage.

Ro’s game was quite a hit. Here he is, dressed up as Noah. The auditorium went dim for a while, and a “storm” came over the sound system as our stealthy staff made it “rain” via water guns. Then kids had a contest to see who could find several stuffed animals hidden around the church.

We finished the evening with a flannel graph lesson about Noah and a memory verse.  Instead of concluding the story yesterday, I decided to leave Noah’s family and the animals in the ark in the middle of a rainstorm. The kids were challenged to find out how many days and nights it rained and report back next week.

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