Kids Club Oct. 19

Here are a few glimpses of our most recent Kids Club.  The Bible lesson is presented in skit format. Ro (in the sombrero) really knows how to ham it up.

Branden makes an appearance each week as a nutty professor, Professor Wonder. Organization is not Professor Wonder’s strong suit, so he usually has a messy desk and has misplaced something important. However, he has helped the children learn a lot about the “Greatest Book in the World,” so we’ll overlook his scatterbrained ways!

We have three classes: 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, and 5th-6th grade.  Each class has around 20-27 students. Class time is usually spent recapping the lesson and doing a craft that is linked with the Scripture memory verse for the evening.  We used to serve snacks and drinks in the classes as well, but nixed that when we had a surge in drink spills and cookie crumbs. Now, kids get a small bag of snacks when they are dropped off after Kids Club.  They love those bags!

Here is our 3rd-4th grade group. Every week they choose to segregate themselves; the girls sit around one table, while the boys make sure they find seats at the other two tables in the room.

This Wednesday is our annual Fall Festival for our Kids Club families. That’s when we will pretend it’s 65 degrees even though our high is projected to be 95 that day (Summer, you can go away anytime). Please pray that God will bless the opportunities we have to interact with all those who come. While our staff and volunteers do weekly home visits, we don’t host very many events at Aim Right that are for the whole family. We are especially grateful for local business The District Phx that is donating hot dogs and buns for the event.

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