Life goes on….even when it’s hot!

You know it’s hot when…

-your pastor refers to the “cool front” that is coming soon.  It’s going to only be 107 degrees.
-your water bottle contains warm water, but you gladly down it anyway.  It sure beats no water.

This is the season of hot, hot, and hotter here; one has to remember that “this too shall pass,” and not think too much about the fact that the obvious cool down won’t arrive for another two months or so. 

Even when it’s hot, life goes on.  Our second group of Youth Haven Ranch’ers enjoyed their week at camp last week.  I think they were ready to come home, too, though.

Caleb organized a car wash on Saturday so teens could earn some extra funds for camp.  Their hard work paid off, and now each one that participated only needs to pay half the usual camp fee ($15.00 vs. $30.00).

 Today we hosted a youth group that is in town for the Mennonite USA convention.  They painted several rooms in our “guys house” on the property, put together camp binders, helped at Garfield Elementary School, visited children and handed out flyers about tomorrow’s activities, and did some general cleaning. 


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