Light Up the Night Festival

While we typically host a fall festival for our Kids Klub families on a Wednesday evening in October´╗┐, it isn’t very often that that Wednesday actually falls on Halloween!  We knew that two scenarios could be possible: (A) many families would already have other plans for the evening, and attendance would be sparse, OR (B) many neighborhood families would be out and about anyway trick-or-treating, and we’d have a large crowd.
What’s your guess? 
our theme for the evening:  Jesus is the Light!
Considering that Buzz Lightyear (aka Stephanie) and her assistant  (Rachel) had a steady stream of guests for nearly an hour at the food tent, and the 120 hot dogs were gone, gone, gone…..
It appears that scenario B won out!
  Caleb played the deejay throughout the evening.
A big favorite of everyone — cotton candy!  I don’t know that Laura ever got a break; there was always a group of folks in line for some sugar on a stick.

We also gave out over 200 sparklers.
What did we hope to accomplish with an event like this?  We prayed that God would bless us with good interactions with the kids’ families, and I believe He did that.  Many children came with parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Aim Right alumni stopped in, and even several teens found it exciting enough to want to be there for the evening.
A big thanks to all who volunteered to help us “Light up the Night!”

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