May means…

Since the community around us is quite transitional, we don’t often get to be a part of a child’s life for the majority of their school years.  However, we have been blessed to know Diana for many years; here she is at a Kids Klub Christmas party in 2004 (pink and gray outfit).  Now she helps teach the 1st graders who come to Kids Klub.
Darrell shared at Teen Night on Friday evening; he spoke about endurance —
something essential in completing school or any worthy task.
Graduates Richard and Diana received Bibles from Aim Right.  I don’t have any “old time” photos of Richard; he came to Christ about a year ago, after spending a lot of time on the basketball court at Aim Right with his buddies.  Caleb and others began to visit with him, and he decided to make some significant changes in his life.  Interestingly enough, the last week of school, Caleb and Richard spent several hours one afternoon and evening completing an assignment necessary for him to graduate.  Sometimes being a youth worker requires you to do geometry. 
Lesson:  Don’t despise your years of hard or boring school subjects.  God can use them!

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